SMS Use Cases

There are many possibilities to integrate the Arvato SMS service into your business. Here is a small selection of Use Cases to provide you with ideas.

Reminders, notifications and alerts

Text messages provide a great way to send notifications and alerts to customers. With an open-rate four times higher than email they are more effective. And, on average, messages are read within four minutes. This makes it ideal for urgent or time sensitive messages.

Here are a few examples:

  • Enhance your eCommerce solution to send delivery confirmations via email.
  • Provide ETA alerts to customers for your ride share app.
  • Send out reminder messages for your calendar app.

Automated ordering via SMS

Enhance your eCommerce solution with order entry via SMS. This is especially convenient in places where there’s not a lot of data coverage, say at a remote beach bar for example.

iPhone ordering per SMS

Here's how to do it

  1. Use arvato SMS service to receive incoming messages from customers.
  2. Process the order request in your application.
  3. Use arvato SMS service to send a message to the customer asking for confirmation.
  4. Use arvato SMS service to receive confirmation (or cancellation) from a customer.
  5. Submit and deliver the order (or cancel).
  6. Use arvato SMS service to send delivery confirmation (or cancellation confirmation)